11th February 2015


Welcome to the Big Orange M, I'm Andrew Manson: a Painter from Oxford & I hope you enjoy my work, which all going well & should be updated regularly with new pieces from the studio, exhibitions & all sorts of other stuff! To quote a savvy gentleman, 'who dares win's Rodney'!


The current exhibition on is at the Arts Cafe, (check the map page for more details). As part of an ongoing series I'm showing Portraits of local individuals who have made and make Oxford a marvelous place to live in. 


Faces include Junie James of the East Oxford community Centre, founder of Black History Month in the city & general good do-er. Annie Sloan creator & driving force behind her amazing paint, if you haven't used it give a go. Her colour pallets are grand. Dr Ramzy, who tireless efforts to make world a better place are always well received. Still in the studio & coming soon will be Michael Black, the master stone mansion & Bill Heine, with his mighty shark.    


Please check out the show if you can get an chance & support it by spreading the word via the social inner web. Thanks for reading & have a cracking day! 

Lecture No. 1

from February 2015


From FRIDAY THE 13TH! Scary & unlucky for some, this was the date for first ever educational lecture at Brookes University of Oxford. On an brief but interesting note the french find this day to be very lucky, this is according to a good local source, a fountain of knowledge you could say. Also full of belloni too! 


Anyway, attached above are my notes for the education piece which I'm glad to say went well, at least I think so! To all who attended I hope you enjoyed & learnt something new even if it did seem outlandish ( embodied with the over gestured movement towards & almost through the projector screen! Smooth ). A massive thank you to Tiffany Black & the department for the opportunity. Also attached is a rather epic site I witnessed for another 1st time. A Full Double Rainbow on my doorstep. Haha a real corker! Reminds me of the reaction of that funny fella from the Youtube History of moments past. However if that was a touch intense ( with all the "WHAT DOES IT MEAN!" ) it is only right to all add the mighty Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo╩╗ole to this affair. The links are attached below;







That's the end for now as it pisses it down in late February. Pop by another time for more news & updates.

Hope your enjoying the work.       




All Quiet on the Western Front.

From March 2015


Hello and welcome. In the week were Rap Genius Kanye West, otherwise know as Yesus to fans! Yes that's true HA! Apparently he made a star appearance to the Oxford Union to talk. Not that anyone local really knew! Anyway I bring him up because he appears to be all over the world wide web. Everywhere!


This started for me in the Zane Lowe Interview were he proclaimed himself as god! He ranted & raved about the world & himself & Fashion & Rap & Culture & every other thing that came to hand. Frankly I feel sorry for the guy who from all accounts looks like he's gonna crack & badly.


However, because he did make an appearance in my home town & he been doing & saying masses of mad acts, that he later defends or apologies for. I feel it only necessary to bring your attention to his Hit track & video Bound 2. Comedy in itself! Only to be marvelously parodied in Bound 3. Gold. Please enjoy responsibly, all Links provided below.

The New On-going Exhibition 

From March 2015.


Hello again, just an update about the new exhibition taking place at the Chequers pub were I'm the new artist in residence thanks to the new cracking landlady Keri. If you are currently in outside courtyard enjoying a refreshing beverage or some food or a smoke or perhaps the warm weather (which is more than likely radiating from the red heaters). Thank you for clicking onto the new & improved webpage & for all who aren't familiar with this city pub in Oxford. It has a incredibly rich history thats worth noting & informing whoever may be reading this...


I must note that most of this research wasn't found online because its not there, but in reference books at the library that i sadly couldn't hire out so if the dates or other mistakes blah blah blah you get the idea I'm sure, I'm sorry.


There's a ton of History in this place from the secret starving ghost monks to medieval machinery expo's but I'm choosing to focus on a former landlord, who was a Full on Popper Giant. I don't know how tall he was. But they had to rebuild the door frames so I'm guessing he was huge, or a least everyone else was smaller. Anyway it appears was very interesting indeed & all the well to be college don's & fellows wanted him over for dinner, whether it was to gawk at his wginormous stature (by the way what a word & spelling that is! Thank you thesaurus.) or he could really turn a grand yarn, the poet Matthew Arnold (another interesting chap) even wrote a line or two about him that I can't remember or quote & frankly reading his work is like unpicking glue, only enjoyable if fully studied in the English art's, which i haven't. My portrait of the gypsy scholar (MA) is above the bar if going to order food or get another drink.  


Personally I'm in the belief that this nameless BEHEMOTH was a right laugh & the founder of the exotic zoo the pub housed in years long since passed. Animals & exhibits included Camels from Cairo, Siamese twins from whitney, a raccoon, a SEA LIONESS! , a Fish presumed to be a small Shark, a donkey, a wild boer and a bunch more. Apparently at its height there were a grand total of 14 weird & wonderful sites which frankly puts my selection of painting to shame. I much rather be confronted by a live camel from Cairo chomping down sausage sandwiches & guzzling ale from the tap followed by a piano playing sea lion! Alas you left with my paintings & prints.   


The animals even enjoyed continued STARDOM after the grave because as it turns out Oxford was a renowned centre for taxidermy (at the time). There a reference to the 'much loved' camels who seemingly later became stage props for the old original Playhouse theatre group, now the Oxford Playhouse on Beaumont Street (who have good shows so if you fancy some acting check out the picture link for details). One was in the reception area and another on wheels! I presume for a realistic version of the Christmas nativity or Lawrence of Arabia. Frankly god only knows & there long gone.


I wish i could continue & tell you more about how it was believed another Chequers landlord, maybe even the unidentified COLOSSUS, set up a successful booze smuggling ring using the old college tunnels that ran from under the city to the Covered Market & all over to EXTORT & fill student bellies up. But i will leave you with an appropriately amusing camel video (particularly amusing noise 45 second's in) & a song I enjoy and suits the theme of this all. THanks for reading & if you have any questions correspond with me via the contact page.